You all know how much I love pioneers. In fact, I’m constantly on the look out for people who push the envelope…people who aren’t afraid to press beyond the status quo and demand a broadened perspective. In this episode of the Command Post podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Irwin Cohen – Director of the Center for Public Safety¬† and Criminal Justice Research and a professor at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

There’s so much to love about our chat, but one thing that stands out is Irwin’s demonstrated skill at building relationships with leaders in the first response community. His goal is to advance science and he’s the first to admit that it can’t be done in a vacuum. We need strong leaders who aren’t afraid to learn from the academic community! Dr. Cohen has mastered the art of building bridges and the amount of evidence-based research he’s conducted speaks volumes in support of evidence-based policing.

Eavesdrop on our conversation and walk away smarter for it!

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