The most recent addition to our board is Matt Johnson. Matt is a Paramedic who’s been working in Emergency Medicine for over 20 years. Fifteen of those years was spent on a busy 911 ambulance service in the Twin Cities. Hard work, dedication, and leadership skills landed him a Supervisor’s position for Regions Hospital EMS, inspiring and motivating the talented EMS Event Medicine Team. With a group of about 100 Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs at Regions, Matt is honored to provide excellent medical care for those in need at all of his venues.

Matt has been married to his wife Candace for over 21 years and together they have 2 teenage boys and 3 big dogs (all labs). He has volunteered many times to go on Medical Mission Trips in Haiti and has been educating their medical staff to provide excellent service in all their clinics. Matt gets a great deal of joy from helping others in need and his work at Haiti is both necessary and fulfilling.

Matt has had a front row seat for a number of peoples’ worst days ever, so he does his best to comfort and support people through their most trying times. His practical wisdom is greatly valued by the Command Post team and his love for laughter is contagious! Matt’s lived experiences prove that a long career in EMS depends on a strong support network, the power of prayer, and a good sense of humor.

Matt is a dedicated professional who has seen great change over the years and fully expects to see more in the near future. The research, training, and professional development that the Command Post does places Matt in the position to effect positive change by being part of the solution to the most insidious enemies first responders face today: depression, PTSD, and suicide. His goal in serving with the Command Post team is to find and share the tools needed for his fellow first-response professionals to live a long, healthy, and happy lives.

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