Dispatch in the Post-COVID Era by Joseph Courtemanche & Felipe Rubim Almost every encounter for our Fire, Rescue, and Police first responders starts with a call taken by the first responders of dispatch/911/communications. In many ways, they are the tone-setters for what will eventually happen on the street. Dispatch (for want of a more comprehensive and simpler term) is the node that all of the others interface with, and is the primary point of communication […]

The Future of Custodial Incarceration Facilities Post-COVID By Joseph Courtemanche and Felipe Rubim The face of custodial incarceration facilities has gradually and consistently modified over the last two decades. With a shift, in some areas, to commercially operated facilities, and ever more secure long-term units, convicted inmates face a different reality than in decades past. A part of this reality that the public does not often think about is the “graying” of inmates and the […]

For as long as there have been medical practitioners, there have been ambulances. Early emergency response involved throwing the patient on a cart, horse, or stretcher and dragging them to the local shaman. This primitive method of first response evolved to the ambulances of the late 1960s that were often hearses pressed into service to transport the injured. In many places, this service was a “grab-and-go” with no initial diagnoses, no trauma treatment, and no […]

The challenges facing our first-response community right now demand action that prioritizes their health and wellness. An excellent first step is to make sure that your food intake is fueling your body and protecting it against fatigue, sluggishness, and illness. Join me as I chat with Melissa Grieves, a lecturer in the Indiana University Department of Public Health, about simple ways to incorporate smart food choices into your daily diet. In fact, here are some […]

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Command Post board of directors, Matt Johnson! Matt is a committed emergency responder, serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul region as the Supervisor for the Regions Hospital EMS Event Medicine Team. Listen in as we discuss the differences between being an EMT and a Paramedic, the current challenges facing the emergency response profession, and the necessity of maintaining a good sense of humor in the midst of crisis. […]

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