Peer support has long been an accepted practice in supporting first responders who are recovering from traumatic experiences. However, some support programs are more powerful than others. In this episode of the Command Post, we are joined by veteran of the Canadian police force Syd Gravel. He shares his own survival story and a unique program he and seven of his peers created to secretly support fellow officers post-trauma. Their tenacity and innovation pushed past politics and fear, leading many men and women through the most difficult moments of their careers and beyond to fulfilling lives.

Syd Gravel, Powerlifting Competitor

To hear directly from Syd on the Power of Peer Support, click here:

To read about his experience, check out 56 SECONDS on Amazon.

For specifics on building a Peer Support System, pick up his book: How to Survive PTSD and Build Peer Support and his newest work, Walk the Talk.

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