The academic community is filled with scientists who consistently conduct research and publish their results in scholarly journals. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those journals are only available for people with subscriptions. As an academic and a practitioner, I created the Command Post podcast to bridge the gap between research and practice. Every week, this show highlights relevant research for first responders, which allows you immediate access to the researchers working to improve your professions.

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Dr. Konstantinos Papazoglou, of Yale University, shares our desire to provide each of you with timely, relevant, and powerful research in formats that you’re comfortable with. For example, he promotes open-access publishing – which means you can access our research online without a subscription. He has also released POWER: Police Officer Wellness, Ethics, & Resilience. This book provides practical advice from experts in the field on prioritizing wellness. To purchase a copy of this award-winning book, click HERE.

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  1. Nevenka Tomovic

    Dear Mr Papazoglou,
    I listened this podkast with a great interest and thank you for sharing your work and articles via Cepol!
    Nevenka Tomovic, former Cepol GB member

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