Dispatch in the Post-COVID Era by Joseph Courtemanche & Felipe Rubim Almost every encounter for our Fire, Rescue, and Police […]

The Future of Custodial Incarceration Facilities Post-COVID By Joseph Courtemanche and Felipe Rubim The face of custodial incarceration facilities has […]

For as long as there have been medical practitioners, there have been ambulances. Early emergency response involved throwing the patient […]

The challenges facing our first-response community right now demand action that prioritizes their health and wellness. An excellent first step […]

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Command Post board of directors, Matt Johnson! Matt is a committed […]

There is no denying the power of peer support in recovering from traumatic experiences. The question is, what constitutes a […]

Rarely do we speak about the financial challenges facing police officers, but the reality is that the vast majority of […]

For the first time in public safety research, the links between organizational stress and mental health issues has proven more […]

The challenges facing the police profession are dreadfully dangerous, resulting in early retirement, health issues, and suicide. For many, life […]

Do you pray for your prisoners? The law enforcement profession holds its personnel to an incredibly high standard, and rightly […]

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of veteran suicides, Marine and Michigan native, Travis Snyder, journeyed the […]

The academic community is filled with scientists who consistently conduct research and publish their results in scholarly journals. Unfortunately, the […]

You all know how much I love pioneers. In fact, I’m constantly on the look out for people who push […]

Every person is born with something Cary Friedman calls, “The Uniquely-Human Spirit.” Those who acknowledge it early are fortunate because […]

Jonah Meer – attorney, entrepreneur, investor, dreamer. In today’s podcast, I am joined by Jonah Meer, the co-founder of Qrons, […]

Do you look forward to sleep with joyful anticipation? Are your sheets cool and soft, and your pillow just the […]

Dave, a police lieutenant from the West Coast, emailed me in search of some information about the signs and symptoms […]

From Assault on St. Agnes, by Joesph Courtemanche: When terrorists assault Saint Agnes Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota, they expect […]

What’s better than advocating for our law enforcement officers? How about reading a book written by one?! This week’s podcast […]

Renee D. Kosor, Ph.D. | Published April 2, 2019, in The Crime Report In the wake of the 2014 police […]

Renee D. Kosor, Daniel Blumberg, and Konstantinos Papazoglou, “Intentional Grit: Training Mental Resilience in Law Enforcement Officers,” Police Chief online, May 8, […]

This week we’re talking about what it takes to be forward thinking in law enforcement. We’ve long recognized that police […]

As the number of police suicides continues to rise, the urgency for evidence-based solutions increases. In Kentucky, those solutions exist […]

Peer support has long been an accepted practice in supporting first responders who are recovering from traumatic experiences. However, some […]

Welcome to the 14th Command Post! In this episode, we’re discussing the Police Executive Research Forum’s Symposium on Preventing Police […]

It’s a well-established fact that having good communication skills has a positive impact on relationships. For the law enforcement community, […]

The opening scene in the Bourne Supremacy follows Jason Bourne and a journalist through a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, with […]

There’s an alarming and dangerous trend in police work today that requires our immediate attention: police suicide. Join me and […]

The pictures most prominently painted of police officers today do not reflect compassion. Is this because officers aren’t compassionate? Or […]

The policing profession has experienced incredible change over the past couple decades, primarily forced by shifting trends in criminal activity […]

Research impacts our lives and most of us have no idea it’s even happening. Take the research study conducted by […]

In law enforcement, as with other high-stress professions, tragedies happen. The question we should all be asking is, what is […]

Sergeant Ryan returns to the studio to answer your questions! Don’t miss it as he discusses leadership, trauma recovery, integrity, […]

Police Discipline, Recruitment, Leadership…join us as Dr. Jon Shane answers your questions about each and discusses how internal discipline influences […]

It’s amazing how quickly something as simple as a traffic stop can escalate into a dangerous situation. Join me for […]

Far too often, stories of mental distress in first responders seem hopeless. However, as Dr. Katy Kamkar shares, there are […]

In the previous weeks, we’ve heard from Drs. Blumerg and Shane on police integrity and the internal disciplinary structures found […]

Both sides of the justice system are fair, right? Judicial rules guide sentencing of people convicted of crimes, but what […]

Two words that seem to be on people’s minds more and more these days: police integrity. Dr. Daniel Blumberg, a […]

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