Research impacts our lives and most of us have no idea it’s even happening. Take the research study conducted by Dr. Christopher Hermann, Assistant Professor in the Law and Police Science Department at John Jay College. His work focused on understanding crime patterns around the subway systems in New York. Having never been on a New York subway, I interviewed him for the Command Post podcast without truly grasping the enormity of his research undertaking.

And then, I took my son to New York City. It was a bit of a last minute trip, mixing the business of police suicide prevention with the pleasure of showing the city off to my teenage son. We hit all the major spots, of course, but for both of us, the desire to ride the subway for the first time was top on our list. You know what? Because I knew about the research study results, I was able to give my son insight into the challenges inherent in providing so many New Yorkers and tourists to the city a quick, simple, and (mostly) safe way to travel from one side of Manhattan to the other.

Yes, we saw some interesting characters along the way and my teenager – who already knows everything – actually learned something about protecting his valuable while traveling! I must acknowledge the NYPD for their application of the results of this study. Nearly everywhere we looked as we traversed the subway system, there was an officer watching out for the safety and security of all. Thanks to the work Chris is and has been doing, the NYPD is better equipped to dispatch police officers where they’re most needed and most effective at protecting the citizens of New York and its millions of visitors.

New York Subway

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