The Future of Custodial Incarceration Facilities Post-COVID By Joseph Courtemanche and Felipe Rubim The face of custodial incarceration facilities has […]

For as long as there have been medical practitioners, there have been ambulances. Early emergency response involved throwing the patient […]

The challenges facing our first-response community right now demand action that prioritizes their health and wellness. An excellent first step […]

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Command Post board of directors, Matt Johnson! Matt is a committed […]

There is no denying the power of peer support in recovering from traumatic experiences. The question is, what constitutes a […]

Rarely do we speak about the financial challenges facing police officers, but the reality is that the vast majority of […]

For the first time in public safety research, the links between organizational stress and mental health issues has proven more […]

Do you pray for your prisoners? The law enforcement profession holds its personnel to an incredibly high standard, and rightly […]

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of veteran suicides, Marine and Michigan native, Travis Snyder, journeyed the […]

The academic community is filled with scientists who consistently conduct research and publish their results in scholarly journals. Unfortunately, the […]

You all know how much I love pioneers. In fact, I’m constantly on the look out for people who push […]

Jonah Meer – attorney, entrepreneur, investor, dreamer. In today’s podcast, I am joined by Jonah Meer, the co-founder of Qrons, […]

Dave, a police lieutenant from the West Coast, emailed me in search of some information about the signs and symptoms […]

Lucas is currently a student at the University of Toronto and serves as a research assistant to the Command Post team. His primary area of interest is the practical implications of psychological research within the first-response field. His goal is to one day serve as a U.S. Marine and then enter the CIA, working to […]

Felipe provides research support and assistance to the team. His specialty area includes the psychological aspects of wellness within the law enforcement and military professions. His goal is to one day serve as a psychologist in the FBI, and is currently planning to further his education at a prestigious American university.

Dr. Heath Grant has just been named as the Director of the Master’s in Criminal Justice program at John Jay College. Prior to returning to the full-time faculty of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2013, Dr. Grant was most recently the Director of Research of the Police Executive Research Forum, a leading Washington […]

From Assault on St. Agnes, by Joesph Courtemanche: When terrorists assault Saint Agnes Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota, they expect […]

What’s better than advocating for our law enforcement officers? How about reading a book written by one?! This week’s podcast […]

Validated, or evidence-based, indicates that the wellness tool has been tested by the intended audience (in this case, first responders) and that the results support specific wellness measures. We are committed to providing only the best wellness tools with evidence showing exactly what they do, who they are specifically suited for, and how well they […]

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