You all know how much I love pioneers. In fact, I’m constantly on the look out for people who push […]

The pictures most prominently painted of police officers today do not reflect compassion. Is this because officers aren’t compassionate? Or […]

The policing profession has experienced incredible change over the past couple decades, primarily forced by shifting trends in criminal activity […]

Research impacts our lives and most of us have no idea it’s even happening. Take the research study conducted by […]

Police Discipline, Recruitment, Leadership…join us as Dr. Jon Shane answers your questions about each and discusses how internal discipline influences […]

Far too often, stories of mental distress in first responders seem hopeless. However, as Dr. Katy Kamkar shares, there are […]

In the previous weeks, we’ve heard from Drs. Blumerg and Shane on police integrity and the internal disciplinary structures found […]

Both sides of the justice system are fair, right? Judicial rules guide sentencing of people convicted of crimes, but what […]

Two words that seem to be on people’s minds more and more these days: police integrity. Dr. Daniel Blumberg, a […]

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