Do you look forward to sleep with joyful anticipation? Are your sheets cool and soft, and your pillow just the […]

Renee D. Kosor, Daniel Blumberg, and Konstantinos Papazoglou, “Intentional Grit: Training Mental Resilience in Law Enforcement Officers,” Police Chief online, May 8, […]

Peer support has long been an accepted practice in supporting first responders who are recovering from traumatic experiences. However, some […]

Welcome to the 14th Command Post! In this episode, we’re discussing the Police Executive Research Forum’s Symposium on Preventing Police […]

It’s a well-established fact that having good communication skills has a positive impact on relationships. For the law enforcement community, […]

In law enforcement, as with other high-stress professions, tragedies happen. The question we should all be asking is, what is […]

Sergeant Ryan returns to the studio to answer your questions! Don’t miss it as he discusses leadership, trauma recovery, integrity, […]

It’s amazing how quickly something as simple as a traffic stop can escalate into a dangerous situation. Join me for […]

Far too often, stories of mental distress in first responders seem hopeless. However, as Dr. Katy Kamkar shares, there are […]

Both sides of the justice system are fair, right? Judicial rules guide sentencing of people convicted of crimes, but what […]

Two words that seem to be on people’s minds more and more these days: police integrity. Dr. Daniel Blumberg, a […]

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