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Prior to returning to the full-time faculty of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2013, Dr. Grant was most recently the Director of Research of the Police Executive Research Forum, a leading Washington DC organization dedicated to advancing law enforcement and crime prevention internationally.  Formerly, as CEO, of Success for Kids (SFK), he oversaw the planning, implementation, curriculum development, partnerships& strategic program alliances and evaluation of the organization’s international programs and services.

Throughout  the last two decades, he has helped to develop and evaluate school-based programs to promote youth resiliency. Formerly Deputy Chair of the Law and Police Science Department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, he provided training and technical assistance to many youth prevention programs and police agencies internationally. He was a senior consultant for the  “The Culture of Lawfulness Project” sponsored by the National Strategy Information Center (NSIC) - a nongovernmental educational organization based in Washington, DC. 

He is an expert in Social Emotional Learning, the correlation between law and society, and juvenile violence prevention and has published a number of books, training manuals and articles on these subjects.  He is the author of Building a Culture of Lawfulness, 2006 and Law Enforcement in the Twenty-first Century, 2007. 

In sum, Dr. Grant has worked with the US Department of State,USAID, National Institute of Justice and other agencies in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa to develop programs focused on building a culture of lawfulness, counter crime and corruption (including training programs for the Colombian National Police and Federal Police of Mexico).

TBH, Dr. Grant is a brilliant, funny, and eccentric fellow who frankly, you just can't help but love!

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