About Me

First and foremost, I’m a practicing Christian. I was born again a few years ago, and proud of the changes that has made in my life. Nowhere near perfect, I’ve got a long way to go. But the journey has been excellent thus far.

I’m also an author, with three books already complete and my novel, Assault on Saint Agnes is the recipient of the Genesis Award for best unpublished work in 2015. That was awarded by the American Christian Fiction Writers. Assault on Saint Agnes has also finished second in the Athanatos Ministries Christian Novel Contest, and was a finalist in Operation First Novel. All three contests are highly regarded in the industry. My motto – Angels Surround! – tells the tale. I don’t think that the Bible should be the last place for heroes to exist with the determination and drive that God places in some of us. My characters are right out of the Bible in terms of actions and motivation, and they serve the Living God. Assault on Saint Agnes is available now, click this link.

I currently have several more novels in the hopper at various stages of completion. I love writing and it’s been a passion for many years. Yet it was just in the last few years that I finished that first book. I took a little “ramp-up time” it seems… about half a century.

For those of you that are interested in the other parts of my life, my professional Santa life is captured at www.santajoe.com.

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